August 2018

Thank you for all you have done for them. We appreciate it so much, you have gone above and beyond the client/care giver relationship of a nursery and have really touched our lives (all 4 of us). The poem ‘My Time at Rainbow’ was written in love and truth, and on any bad days remember [&

July 2018

We are not surprised with ‘Outstanding’ rating – it is a testament to all the hard work and care provided to the children. I know I made the right decision by moving my child to this nursery. Tara 

July 2018

You truly deserve an Outstanding rating and as parents we were hoping the inspectors would see the great effort you all put in daily and the good relationship you have with each child and family. Mandy 

October 2018

I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your contribution to assist My son’s transition to Crofton Infants. Without your assistance, the school wouldn’t have known how wonderful My son is as well as his capabilities, and he would have really struggled to fit into his Reception class. I am so